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That depends on your personal chef – if your personal chef is available 7 days a week,you most certainly can.
You are always free to order from multiple chefs. However, we encourage each of our customers to subscribe to their own personal chef who understands their unique flavors and preferences.
Every chef can set their own rates and prices. When you look for a chef and view their menu, you should see all rates and prices on their menu.
Yes! As a Kravin Kitchen Chef-Partner, you operate as an independent contractor so you can set your own hours, like the boss your are.
Requirements All chef partners are required to maintain an active ANSI accredited Certified Food Protection Food Handler or Manager certification (ServSafe, etc.). Chef- Partners must also have applicable business licenses and general liability insurance.
Kitchen Providers
We can connect you with dozens of local chefs who area constantly looking to reserve kitchen space to help them grow their business. Simply register with us and download our Providers Application today to get started.
Most definitely, we will be there with you every step of the way. From helping your complete documentation, all the way to getting your compliance certification and onboarding your chef clients.