Kravin Kitchen

At Kravin Kitchen, our online marketplace is the perfect place for our community members to get paired with their very own personal chefs who will work with them to create ready-to-eat meals based entirely off of their unique food profile, complete with tastes and preferences. Chef’s post their specialties, menus, availability, and delivery services, and customers have the opportunity to log into their dedicated customer app and order a few days in advance or in some cases, that very same afternoon! Covering everything from on-demand delivery, prescheduled delivery, pick-up, and event catering, customers can rest assured that all of their food needs are covered through Kravin Kitchen – and most importantly, it might even be cheaper than dining out!

After all, what’s better than getting high quality food, made by local chefs, specifically tailored to your unique tastes, all at a price that you can afford?

Kravin Kitchen - Customer App

Pair up with your favorite culinary chef as they create the food, snacks, and treats you WANT to eat. It’s a food ordering and home/event catering app of the highest degree, made with you in mind.

This food on demand app is perfect for you if:

  • You are too busy to cook for yourself or your family
  • You want to eat healthier
  • You need help meal prepping for your crazy travel schedules
  • You’re just plain tired of cooking every single day

Create your food profile, Find your personal chef, work out a personal catering schedule, and immerse your taste buds in a world of culinary delight.

Find the Chefs That are Right for YOU

This app was made with you and your family in mind. Select a chef that understands your unique food and flavor requirements. Of course we expect you to find the perfect chef that can grow and develop with you, but we recommend you diversify your tastes buds by working with multiple chefs at once.

Scroll Through Menus

This app contains a menu format that you can review as you look for your favorite local chefs. That way, you can view:

  • Chef ratings and prices
  • Menu selections and options
  • Verified chef experience and credentials

Kravin Kitchen - Chef App

With this handy interactive platform, you can:

  • Connect with a community of foodies ready to taste your meals
  • Set your own hours and become your own boss, finally
  • Grow your existing food business with local patrons and families
On-Demand Chef Services

There are thousands of people out there in need of food preparation assistance. They need you, their personal chef – they just need to know where to find you.

With this food preparation app, we have created a marketplace where you can come in contact with your interested clients. You can offer:

  • On-demand delivery
  • Prescheduled delivery
  • Home & event catering
  • Meal pickups

Upon reviewing your menu, clients can then contact you and get the ball rolling.

Your Hours, Your Way

Be your own boss with this chef business app. List the hours you want to work on a schedule that is right for you. Now, you don’t have to answer to a manager!

Earn money as a chef on-demand with our Kravin Kitchen Chef App today!